Seller Forms

FSBO Special (Flat Fee MLS):  The forms you need are:  Flat Fee Listing Agreement and Input / Info Sheet (#1 and #2) plus the 3 disclosures (#3 – #5).

Traditional Full Service:  The forms you need are: Exclusive Marketing Agreement and Input / Info Sheet (#14 and #2) plus the 3 disclosures (#3 – #5).

Once we receive those forms back, we can have you live on the MLS usually the same day.

The Flat Fee Listing Agreement and Exclusive Marketing Agreement officially give us permission to put your property on the MLS.  Also, they specify the price at which you want to start, the appliances that stay, and the commission that you want to offer to the other REALTOR® if a REALTOR® brings the buyer.  The input / info sheet is entirely informational.  It allows us to best represent your property on the MLS.

The 3 disclosures are required by law and are a statement of your knowledge of Radon, Lead, etc. with respect to the property.  You don’t need to do any testing, just read the questions then answer them honestly and to the best of your knowledge.  Of course make sure you sign, date, and initial them. We will attach the disclosures to your listing and that will help to speed up the offer process.  If your property is in the City of Chicago you will also need to provide to us your gas and electric utility account numbers.  We will need them to create a Heating/Energy Disclosure as required by City Ordinance.

The other forms on this page are either informational or used on specific occasions.  Most of the forms on this page are fillable but not on all systems so you may need to print, complete, scan, and email (or fax) them back to us. Specifically, MAC machines seem to have a problem saving the information.  More likely than not, you will need to print, scan, and email (or fax) if you are using a MAC.

Don’t forget to email us up to 25 pictures (Note: We cannot use pictures which were used on a previous listing unless you own the copyright.  If you do own the copyright, please send us a note along with the pictures acknowledging ownership.  Note: We cannot use pictures with logos, humans, writing, or contact information on them).

  1. Flat Fee Listing Agreement
  2. Input / Info Sheet  (to be used for single family homes, condos, townhomes, co-ops)
  3. Real Property Disclosure Report
  4. Radon Disclosure
  5. Lead Based Paint Disclosure
  6.  Protect Your Family From Lead Brochure
  7.  Radon Disclosure Pamphlet #1
  8.  Radon Disclosure Pamphlet #2
  9. Offer to purchase real estate 7.0 
  10. Short Sale Addendum 7.0
  11. Mutual Cancellation Agreement 7.0
  12. Offer to purchase real estate CARr
  13.  Exclusive Right to Sell Marketing Agreement (only for Full Service Listings – not Flat Fee Listings)
  14.  Info Sheet (2-4 Flat Style Homes) (only to be used for small apartment buildings)
  15. Credit Card Authorization
  16. Globe Home Warranty Brochure
  17. Globe Home Warranty Appliance Inventory
  18. Listing Modification Form


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